Some Days Are Diamonds

Sorry Kim… another song title… but today I’m grasping at straws for how to put anything.

The heat is on 70… The office door is shut (It’s a work from home day) so the heat stays in the office… My fingers and Toes are freezing… I have on 2 hoodies… and I’m nursing coffee and oatmeal.  It is 30 outside but I’m pretty sure that isn’t anything to do with it.  When I walked Squirrel into the doctor’s office I wasn’t hardly cold at all and I wasn’t wearing my jacket or anything…

Stress is an amazing thing.

Today hasn’t ACTUALLY been so much of a diamond.

Squirrel has been following her blood sugar because she has been feeling really really weird and has been showing some of the symptoms of high blood sugar.  I’ve been helping track everything because something just isn’t right… I’m not sure what, but something isn’t.

I am SO tired of the doctor telling me that the tiny dose that she takes twice a day of her lamictal is causing her breathing problems and major headaches after only taking it for 4 months.  Sometimes side effects can happen after a long long time.  Sometimes… Sometimes… Sometimes… Sometimes…

We should be using the meters that THEY use to take readings… because the EIGHT times they TRIED to take the reading with the first meter never did work AT ALL and the second meter took three times to get it to read?  Great… OH BOY…

Squirrel has been asleep for 5 hours… she has eaten a banana today… the black and blue mark from right about Christmas time hasn’t healed yet.  She feels like crap.  But she is at least resting and she should be awake to eat.

Me… I feel like someone beat the crap out of me.  When this kind of stress hits I hurt everywhere… the inflammation fights back and I just feel yuk.  But I’m really glad that I was having a work from home day today so I could be there for her… to support her and to hold her up (metaphorically)


One response to “Some Days Are Diamonds

  1. (((HUGS))) to both of you. Keep on pushing for answers, April. Second opinions, third opinions, and … AND, try (yeah, I know) not to let the stress create more problems for you.


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