Quacks Ought To Stay In Ducks

It’s been a long and thought full day.  The more that I go through today the more that I think that if you are going to be a quack you should be a duck not a doc.

I am watching my daughter face that people who are supposed to be caring and are supposed to know and understand act totally stupid (you can’t fix stupid).  Now she has decided that quack chickie must be right and she should just not care about what she eats or drinks at all because obviously the only thing wrong with her is side effects of her seizure meds.  I can’t convince her how much she does matter and how much she does need to care and take care of herself.  If the people we pay don’t give a shit why should she.

Great.  Thanks lady… I need this.  Now I need to try to find a way to make her understand how much she matters.  But the only person she really believes that she really needs to take care of herself and that she matters can’t get in contact with her right at the moment and I’m not sure when he will be able to.

I know I’m not supposed to worry and I’m not supposed to stress.  But I’m also a mommy who needs to make sure my babies (both my babies) are taking care of themselves.  I can’t be with her all the time to make her listen.  And she has shut herself away in her room tonight and I know that lots of Dr Pepper are consoling her along with candy bars and I can’t blame her but now I have to worry.

If I can’t get her into a REAL doctor and something happens to her, I swear I will hold quack chickie personally responsible for throwing her to the wolves.  And now I wait (40 hours now) for the girl who sets up appointments to get around to calling me back.  The excuse (when I got a person… human might be a stretch) behind not bothering to call me back… Well they DO have 7 endocrinologists now in the practice and she is BUSY.  My daughter can’t get into an adult endo so is apparently way less busy but who can be bothered to call me back but who won’t take her because she is only 16… and the people who can take her have one person so apparently over worked that she can’t get around to calling me back… wonder how they can AFFORD those SEVEN specialists and not be able to afford a second receptionist… or maybe it is just that since she can’t book appointments the doctors can’t actually SEE patients so they really can’t afford another person to book appointments.

I am so tired right ow… I’m tired and I have a headache… and I just want to scream… and I can’t help my baby to understand that the world can just be stupid and wrong and that she is loved and that she has to take care of herself… I can’t let anything happen to her even if it is just because she thinks that she doesn’t matter.



One response to “Quacks Ought To Stay In Ducks

  1. When we moved, we landed at a pediatrician’s practice where I got how big and busy they were as an excuse as to why they couldn’t do their job. I finally switched and am soooo happy. Pediatric endos might be a little harder to come by, but if there’s any way you can find a different practice where patients are valued, you might be pleasantly surprised.
    I can’t fathom the appointment desk taking multiple days to schedule an appointment. Good luck!


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