An RA geek looks at the half marathon Part 1

It was suggested that it is a good idea to stay as active as possible.  It was also suggested that “running” may not be the best idea in all RA cases (or Pilate’s for that matter).  The half seemed doable.  The rheumatologist seemed to be okay with this as long as you’re careful.

It was only three months after diagnosis… it was scary… it was really really scary.  Yoga class had been going on for only a month and it was valentines day and adrenaline was high.  So was my RA.  I was immensely happy that at least Adam went with me and he even volunteered at the event.   It did him good.  He realized that people don’t always judge you just by what they see.

I finished.  I almost literally drug myself across the finish line, but I finished.  I was in SO much pain at the time that I could have cried.  Adam drove home.

The high point of the race was getting to see the city at eye level and getting to see things that go unnoticed… seeing people pushing as hard as everyone else was pushing.  It became goals to see the mileage signs and to see who in the same race kept pace with whom.

Today starts this year’s actual event deal.  It is the Marathon Expo.  I have my fanny pack all ready to go.  Purple dry fit long sleeved “under” shirt, my Epilepsy Awareness shirt, my running pants, my wicking socks and my Nike’s are folded on the end of the bed.  Camera ready, batteries charged (even the extra one) and the memory card empty.  Pictures will be posted.

<<< Time Passes >>>

People At The Expo

People at the Expo, there to buy stuff… there to pick up their bibs… there to experience the experience… Interesting.  Got greek yogurt for breakfast tomorrow and munchy bars for in the ‘race’ … probiotic drink stuff (it is supposed to help with the immune system…. I know that they mean for ‘normal’ people who take the stuff right after the race… but I’m all for improved immune system.

Where the Expo Was

This is the event center where the expo is.  It was rainy… Guess who managed to fall up the wet curb in the mud… good thing the camera is water proof and shock proof.  Felt like a graceful dork.  8 people ran to help me up.  Knee hurts from falling.  Wrist hurts from trying to catch myself falling.  Grace.

town from the hill where we parked...

Shot from where we parked.  Narrow picture of the sky line.

The rain is supposed to end today.  This is a good thing.  now… wish me luck.



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