All About Me

I’ve been following the blog of someone who is doing BILLBOARD sized wonderful things.  Person in question has also dissed my trying to do anything more grand or lasting than worship at the shrine of said person (yeah, I know… what I do matters… I really do get it) so it is with mixed emotions that I usually read the blog.

I read an entry that really struck me as… Oh Wow…

Every paragraph started with “I”
In most of the paragraphs, the majority of the sentences started with “I”
It struck me as an AHA moment… given what was already obvious to me…

I went and looked.  most of the posts are littered deeply with “I”

It really struck me as OH WOW…

Blogs, in general, granted are about the “me”… the how I see things… how things are interpreted by me… my impressions of them.  But I will now make a concerted effort to not be IN YOUR FACE with it… The entry I read turned me off SO much… it matters to make sure that entries here are not quite so…








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