Coming Clean

Okay, okay, I’ve been pretty quiet (for me, that sometimes seems like a miracle… being quiet for any extended period of time…) for a bit.

Truth be told, my leg has been giving me some problems.  Okay… it has been beating the crap out of me.  I’m not sure why, and I’m not totally sure how, but something is definitely weird.

My left leg is being stupid.  Bear and I went for an 11 mile walk last Friday.  I got a couple wicked cool shirts at the sporting goods store… obscenely expensive but they are what I got in celebration of actually getting a bonus at work.  It was damp and chilly and my hip was kind of achey.  Not horrible, just kind of… I knew it was achey.  It was causing (well… I thought it was causing… ) me to walk with an odd limp.

The walk was great.  It was awesome.  We stopped at the library, went to the sporting goods store, investigated town, and had a good time.  On the way home, we stopped for lunch at the diner that we used to eat at on my work from home days.  It was a wonderful day.

By the time I got home, I was tired… it was 11 miles… I was tired and feeling kind of stiff but not anything awful.  It got worse.  By Saturday I was NOTICEABLY liming… badly.  I was actually thinking that I might really really want to go find Adam’s artsy fartsy cane and actually use it (even thought it is meant to be a decoration not a real cane…).  Hot baths… Blue over the counter pain relievers… Tiger Balm (the balm and the patches)… Vicki’s Boo Boo salve (I hope she has more of that, I want to order some… )… rest… Sunday wasn’t quite as bad until evening and by then it was starting to be really bad again…

Monday I was starting to feel human.  Not great, but able to walk and able to navigate without noticeable limp.  Tuesday it didn’t hurt.  YAY… it didn’t hurt.

Wasn’t OVERLY willing to whine.  I don’t want to dwell on the badness when the badness is there.  Sometimes it is there.  This time I was really wondering if I will end up riding in one of those Hover Rounds or walking with a walker or… what.  It was hard to deal with.  Reality, frequently, sucks.

But now something new has been added.

My right foot walks “right”.. “correctly”.. my foot stays turned in the right direction and it doesn’t “work” right.  I think this is worth a call to my Rheumy…

On the up side, I’m not itchy or rashy!


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