What Not To Wear

I will admit it, I watch Clinton and Stacy on TLC’s What Not To Wear.  I have a dream that someone will help me to get out of the fashion mess that I am and give me advice on how to buy clothes that I don’t have to cringe when I think about putting them on.  Clothes that make me look more professional and less “lame” (there are days when I feel that way not only figuratively, but literally.

I would love to see someone who has something in their situation that causes shopping and wearing things that look good to be more difficult.

I want to learn how I can style my thinner and thinner hair.

What shoes can I buy that don’t look like Herman Munster shoes and that aren’t the dreaded running shoes that are comfortable flare or no flare.

What pants can I reliably wear that look like they are not “mom” pants or “man” pants?

What shirts can I wear that don’t make me look fatter and fatter but that don’t have teeny tiny  buttons that I can’t fasten?

I don’t even care if I can get the MAGICAL $5000 clothing card… I just want to learn what to do and how to wear something other than elastic pull on pants and t-shirts.

There are a lot of us out here who would love to see someone “like us” to emulate.

Come On TLC.  We want to know too…

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