Stuff Happens…

A little more from the saga of People Like Me…

Warning… this is a little less positive… a lot less Mary Sunshine, and definitely not Pollyanna…

I’m sitting in front of a wide open window, birds are hopping around the back yard.  Dandelions and what daddy called bumblebee flowers are blooming in the grass (what little grass there is, I’m thinking most of it is weeds).  The bedroom isn’t cleaning itself. Oh well, sucks to be the bedroom.  I will get there.

This week I actually caved in and went to the rheumy about my leg.  I got tired of it feeling tired all the time and feeling like I’m half dragging my foot.  Turns out I was right with the feeling.

There is a very slight chance this is associated with my Enbrel.  Better chance it is associated with a herniated disk.  X-Rays happened on Thursday.  Followed closely by pouting and feeling sorry for myself.  I did the requisite mourning… I think… at least for now.  First of the week I “get” to have an MRI…

The look on Dr Booth’s face when she could easily push my left leg down… and when she couldn’t get the desired reflex reaction in my Achilles tendon… is stuck in my head and is one of the things that is scaring the crap out of me.

I wasn’t ready to buy a cane.  But that is something I did today.

I’m scared.  I don’t like being scared.  But I’m back to (almost) being the eternal optimist.


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