Getting My Proverbial Crap Together…

I love this picture… it says a lot about how I’m feeling today (despite my coffee pot going belly up for most of the morning and therefore being caffeine deprived… ).  I’m not feeling wonderful… and I’m trying really hard to fight the down feeling that keeps creeping in… but I’m feeling like morning is deliberately pushing itself into my world… I’m not up for it sometimes… but it’s there…

Had a three day weekend because I had to carry the pager for my birthday and Easter… it was really freeing to get to take a 15 mile walk… the goal was to buy batteries for the house phones (it took me forever to figure out that is what was wrong with the stupid things…) and to get some exercise… we did… Probably ought to have not set out at noon… probably ought to have set out with only one bottle of water… but it was a wonderful walk.

In the last couple days I found out that… for right now… Amandya has nothing they can diagnose from the tests they have done… but the endo says drink NO MORE than 2L of fluid a day no matter what time of year (we live in a place where it is 100 degrees in the summer and she spends most of the summer outside… and the doctor lives in the same area… hello) which makes what the urologist says (drink and drink and drink…) and OH HEY… we apparently forgot that whole SHE HAS KIDNEY STONES part of the paperwork we filled out… Sigh… meditation… meditation… grrrrrr

Now… to take care of her knee issues…

Found out that my annual exam was the same as all my annual exams… normal except for the cholesterol.  My Vitamin D level is low and now I need to take high dose vit d weekly and vitamin d every day.

Adam has scary low levels of vitamin D and low levels of Vitamin B12.  We aren’t going to try to fix much else until we stabilize his levels.  Hopefully some of his pain is due to the way way way low levels of vitamin d.  The good news is it isn’t celiac.  The child lives on hotpockes and bagle bites and to not be able to eat break would have just about done him in.

Walked to the store today at lunchtime to buy me vitamin d (daily dose) and his vitamin b12 pills.  Got the squirrel cover for her ipod and I found some of the most awesome-est pony tail holders (too-tails)… they are like way heavy rubber band material… but they don’t slide and they don’t pull…. and they are shaped like butterflies and shoes and hearts and flowers… they are so much fun!

So maybe the morning pushing its way into the day isn’t such a bad thing…


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