Mail Call!

Yesterday my diaper pins came in the mail!

Yeah, you heard it right… mail order diaper pins.  I have had to resort to feeling like I’m doing illicit… buying diaper pins.

You can’t buy them in a store any more.  They are apparently a hazard.  I’m pretty sure it is more that stupid people are a hazard rather than that the pins to hold diapers on a little person’s butt are a danger. HOWEVER… I have had to order them from the internet (I got 72 pins from ebay… they were used but I really don’t care).

I have taken to diaper pinning my socks together in the laundry.  The dog has an evil gleam in her eye and grabs socks and takes off at a run… buries them (often in the middle of the floor under a teensy piece of fuzz… or an imaginary bunch of dirt).  It isn’t so bad when the socks end up in the same pretend hole, but frequently one ends up in the not-a-hole in the floor, and the other between the cushions on the couch or behind a door or lord knows where.  Now it isn’t bad enough that the dryer monster eats them, he has help from the fuzz ball.

Diaper pins are stronger (and less apt to snag stuff) than regular pins and they are easier on my joints to use (maybe they should be sold as an arthritis friendly article rather than for in the baby department… hmmmm… ).  I use them everywhere.  I have one holding the strap of my bag (i refuse to call it a purse) together… where the slidy thing makes the strap shorter… if I don’t pin it, it twists on itself and catches on everything… I have a couple on my running fanny pack (sorry Amandya… I can’t call it a bum bag… That is a whole different shape) to hold my bandana so I don’t loose it… so I can hook stuff to it… whatever.  And they can be used to fix a hem in a pinch (and they don’t snag things like staples do).

In the same mail call were the obscenely expensive Injinji socks I oordered to wear in my hairless hobbit Vibrams Five Fingers.  It was a sad statement that I was more excited about the diaper pins than I was for the toe socks.

WHY can’t the people who make the winter toe socks… you know the ones… the ones that have penguins or snowmen on them and that are toasty warm… why can’t they make light weight toe socks for spring and fall (or summer in normal places)?  All it would take is thinner thread to weave the stupid things.  I would be so happy to be able to pay 3 dollars for toe socks and even Amandya would be happy to wear them in the summer… but no, I have to pay entirely too much because the only ones you can buy are marketed to marathoners to reduce chances of blisters and chafing… and there is like one company that makes them.  Good grief.  Five Fingers are flying off shelves everywhere… there is a market!  HELLO…

And stores don’t carry them so much.  You end up having to mail order them, too.  And Ebay isn’t exactly a cheap place to buy them, either.  You can order them from the store cheaper than ebay in a lot of cases… eeesh.

So yesterday was an interesting mail day!


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