Hot Coffee, Creativity, and Stress…

I’m up.  I’m achey and tired (slept on the floor with the dog curled up next to me being a pain in the butt… but a happy pain in the butt.. because I’m “spring cleaning” my closet and right now I can’t get to my bed) and feeling worried and creative.

I have been looking around for ways to make my cables less… messy… tangled… irritating… I found something called apple core cable organizers that I can use for bigger cables (The larger sized ones, I can use to wind together four USB connector cables (for iPod/iPad, for phone, for camera for… whatever… charging… just the right size to hold enough cables for my “charge four things” USB charger plug) but even the smallest one seemed kind of awkward for headsets… and a little heavy for not pulling the stupid bud things out of your ears.

So I went digging.  Stores doen’t seem to have much.  Amazon has several and they are way cheap… but for a dollar’s worth of stuff, I couldn’t see spending $30 for shipping… no thank you…

DIY searches of the web return using a gift card (not bad idea, and I made a couple with the card cut in half and they are pretty good… light… adjustable… and looking at it can make you smile if the card was a gift…  The instructions I found used the whole gift card, but that seemed a bit big and again… awkward… so I started to experiment…

this is unwound

this is wound

light weight… simple to make and adapt to what you like (I rounded corners because I hate getting scratched and with RA and taking biologics, I really can’t afford to get an infection even a small one accidentally…

But… what to do with it when the headsets aren’t in my ears?  grrrr… hmmm… hey… clippy things would be good.  I can clip to belt loops, I can clip to camera strap… heck I can put a diaper pin in my waist band (hey… they are VERY utilitarian… not just for keeping socks together…) and clip it to that.  What kind of clippy thing… hmmm.

Carabiner clips.  They are light weight (but if you read the cards the lightweight ones come on… they are NOT to be used for climbing… uh… okay… not what I was going to try to use them for.  So I found one laying around the house and played… and it worked…

I went to the local discount store and got several small carabiner clips and started to wind and organize.  This is what I came up with…

This is wound up

This is unwound long enough to reach from my iPod at my waist band to my ears… without leaving much dangling… not bad.

I have no doubt it will give people something to talk about, but I really don’t care, I way more about utility and making my life easier than meeting with other people sense and sensibility.

Now… to finish my closet and try to work off the “no, I’m not too worried about Amandya’s orthopedist appointment on Tuesday” fib and stress…

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