O-Dark Thirty

Sometimes it really is all about how you look at things...

Up early even for me.  It’s been a long and mostly sleepless night.  It is going to be a long day…

But it is Wednesday, so it will be a quiet day.  This morning it is all about perspective.  I’m going to keep remembering it is all about perspective…

It is kind of a weird night.  My left thumb knuckle is being whiny.  My right arm is aching and I’m stressing over the upcoming surgery and not being able to do anything about the achyness…  I have a head ache and today is my last Enbrel shot for at least a week.  I wonder how my body will fight back over that…

Add in worrying about the fact that Squirrel Girl is worrying about what the urine tests will show now, and what will come next.  She is SO my kid and she has found so many things that are not so great that the symptoms could lead to.  Trouble is, I found them too, and I’ve been trying to paint a rainbow on things even though it might not necessarily be a rainbow.  But again… it is all how you look at things… she has become such an interesting, deep and philosophical young woman… I don’t like WHY she has gotten here way sooner than she should be, but I’m really proud of who she is becoming.

The rest of my today… That will be spent thinking (when I’m not busy at work trying to figure out how to make people care about things that don’t make the company any money but will eventually matter) about being a Health Activist… about what I can contribute to WEGO Health and to people in general…

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