Long Week

So… here we are again fair reader… (yeah yeah… it is a weird morning… give me a break)… It has been a long week… and my body is reminding me that it has been a long week.

This week… Adam got discharged from the hospital without a (to him) satisfactory diagnosis on Friday last week.  The doctor told him it was very likely he would have another seizure and he should start on Lamictal.  He said if he had another seizure, he would start on the meds.  Monday (when he was off with his friend at a somewhat local university) he had another seizure and he started, Tuesday, on Lamicatal.  Tuesday my Rheumy (his Rheumy) validated that there is something weird going on in his body and we were sent for the lab vampires to drain 6 tubes of blood from him to run for a BUNCH of tests… and now we wait for about 2 weeks for those results to come back.

Amandya got HER diagnosis (gastroparesis… which means that stuff stays in her stomach WAY WAY longer than it does in “normal” people… normally a stomach empties its contents into the small intestine in about two or two and a half hours… Hers can take eight or more ) and we went on a mad wild hunt for meds for that.  In the US you have to find a compounding pharmacy (which ironically enough we have in our town) or get the meds for half the price mail order (which can take three weeks) from Canada.  We did both.  Got the pills in less than a day from our local pharmacy and mail ordered them from Canada (Canada came first… we didn’t know about the local one… and the doctor NEGLECTED to tell us that we could get them locally with a gastroenterology prescription).  The meds are helping.  I just really really hope there are no side effects… and to get her back to sleeping a normal amount even for a teenager.  The most wonderful part is watching her eat everything that isn’t nailed down in the house.  She has eaten more in the last three days than she had eaten in the last three weeks!

Me… now my body is pissed.  All this stress, coupled with damp rainy weather and my knee is kicking my butt.  It hurts, it is swelly… I prop it on a rolled blanket to sleep (which helps) and my dog is pissed because she usually likes to snuggle and the rolled blanket is IN HER WAY!!!! (she sometimes is a dog with an attitude).

I’ve started reading a new book (Hike Your Own Hike).  There is an awesome review of the book here.  I bought at Kindle copy of the book for my mom so she can read it too.  I think it is going to be really great.  I know I need to be more centered and I need to hike MY own hike and stop trying to hike for everyone else.  It only took forty something years to come to that conclusion and it will take a good while longer until I am really able to fully commit to an entire hike of my own… but if I read, and learn and apply the really neat principles of the book… I think I will start my hike and realize that I am me and I may not be one of the major movers and shakers but I can do this and one day at a time I can make a difference in even a few lives.

Happy Thursday everyone.  I get rid of the pager today (YAY) and I think I can make a dent in house cleaning this weekend.


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