Back to My Kind of Normal

So… Here I sit, beneath the lightening sky. The morning star slowly fading in the dawn sun. Peanut is laying a short way away on the cool cement of the back porch. I wish I had my rocking chair out here this morning, but I took up my post on the cool cement as well… toes in the cool wet grass. I wish the day could stay this way, but I know that soon it will creep to somewhere over 100.

Life has gotten back to some kind of normal for me. Surgery was 10 days ago and the glue has peeled off. The pathology report shows that everything they DID find was benign and “normal” if a fibroid the size of a good sized grapefruit and extensive adenomyosis is normal. Dr thinks I need to find a name for something that big.

Apparently there was a LOT of scar tissue from my 1976 appendix operation that he had to deal with too… which explains the operation taking twice as long and the teeny tiny scars being a bit bigger than teeny tiny.

For the first time in my life, I’m glad to hear someone tell me that I’m normal.

Complete hysterectomy is done. The hottest month of the year and I can’t swim until the end of August… but I can start walking again and have actually started feeling like getting my walking back to normal, so that is a good sign. And I took my Humera shot only one week late… so maybe nothing will get pissed off this time and the near remission of my RA will continue as it is. This near remission is, frankly, good enough for me if it lasts like this. If my next alternative is resorting to IV infusions and being tied to a schedule with the doctor’s office… I can live with one or two smooshy joints and ouches that mean NSAIDs once every week or two. Being able to bath would be even better, but that and swimming are a no no for now.

Only 4 more days of pager duty, then a three day weekend. I’m hoping to do an early morning walk to Walmart the way we used to (Vibrams hobbit feet here we go!)… or at least a long walk through the big park.

AND, I’m feeling human enough to be back to really communicating with the outside world. Done feeling scared and sorry for myself, and done with sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day!!!


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