The night before tomorrow

So, here I sit.  I’m tired, but the world is crawling around in my brain.  So here I sit,

Tomorrow I go see my Rheumy for the first time since I was sent for my MRI.  The first time I will have seen her since I heard the words from my doctor on the phone… you have a massive fibroid.  You need to see an OBGYN now (emphasis on now).  The first time since my hysterectomy.  I think it is going to be a good doctor appointment.  I feel really good.  A good tired.  I’m REALLY glad the half marathon isn’t in August.  I’m really glad it isn’t at noon. But it feels really good to know I’m working towards a goal

I went for a walk today at lunch time. It was entirely too hot.  I didn’t have enough water.  But I made it 3 miles (almost) around the outside of the mall parking lot.  I cleaned up in the big giant bathroom at work (sink bath isn’t bad in a pinch).  I think Dr Booth will be cool with the way I am.  I think my Humera is still working even with a whole week longer between shots.

I probably should drink a ton of water before I go to sleep (man, watermelon would taste nummy right now)… maybe… maybe not… getting water would entail getting my butt up and going CLEAN into the kitchen… it is so far… maybe…


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