On Making A Difference

Today, I feel really really good.  I realized that I can make a difference… even if it is a small difference… it is a difference and it feels really good.

I was walking back to my little hovel from the break room.  The janitor (ALWAYS such a chipper man) stopped me and asked me if I was the motivational one in my team’s office who has been putting up the motivational sayings on the cube walls on post-it notes.

I looked a little sheepish… I have gotten in a little bit of unofficial trouble by posting them in the “wrong” places before… and admitted they were mine.

He teared up and thanked me for the ones that are there today.  The one in particular really struck him hard and made him think and made him smile.

Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.
-Groucho Marx

He said that I need to keep that up and start putting them in other places because everyone needs a little sunshine in their lives, a little motivation a little smile to make them feel a little less sucky.

It made me smile.  It made me realize that maybe I do make a difference for the people I work with and around.  Maybe, just maybe, the people who make fun of me all the time are a little bit wrong…


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