Poison Ivy, Margaritaville Radio, Hobbit Feet and 105

It’s Tuesday again and I’m sitting high atop the picnic table (yes, I know table for glass not ass… bite me) in the shade at the school.  I had a wicked good chat with my mom and now I’m taking pen (keyboard) in hand and rambling on again.

It is 105 degrees and there isn’t any breeze even in the shade.  It isn’t overly humid, but neither are ovens.

There are a few bees playing in the flowers and a couple dragon flies braving the heat.  Most of the tables are empty here, I’m 99% sure that the locals (students) are hiding inside in the cool dark of the student lounge so there isn’t a whole lot really going on to watch.

A guy at work, today, struck up a conversation.  We are both Hobbit Feet  fans.  His, today, proved how much he likes them.  They are well worn and beat to hell.  Mine… today I wore my UK flag Vibrams so they are less worn… the white is shiny and loud.  We agreed that the people who make fun of us may or may not be jealous of our individuality, but they are definitely missing out on the wonderfulness of wearing Vibrams.

Now, I’m hanging out trying to not itch my really bad case of poison ivy.  The heat makes it ten times worse if that is possible.  I have sweated off my 1 part cider vinegar 1 part salt concoction (scrubbed into the rash and let dry then brush the loose salt off about every 3 or 4 hours after I wash it off) that has been keeping the itchy down and the rash pushed back into the quiet of not quite not there.  I will be glad to get back into the car so the AC can work some of its magic.   When I get home (post Taco Bell) I will effeminately be putting more on.

I’m starting to get used to my new schedule.  The week is very long when twice a week you leave at 6:30 am and don’t get home till nearly 7 but I’m really enjoying the down time, the practice time to write, the people watching.


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