So… today I’ve been thinking… a lot…

Yesterday was our first soccer game (Squirrel Girl and I are coaching 3 and 4 year olds with a couple 5 year olds thrown in accidentally) and the kiddos had fun.  They laughed.  Some cried.  They chased me around the field several times before the game to warm up and we sang the Chilly Willy song.  AND we won.  It was nice to win.  It was wonderful to talk to the kids about the game and to see them having fun.  I’m hoping that our next game will see a couple of the more reluctant kiddos a little more willing to get out onto the field and have a good time too.

Today is chilly.  I know I can shut the window, but I love finally being able to listen to the trains and it is way easier to hear them with the windows open.  It never got out of the 50s today so it was chilly.  It was windy, so it was chillier.  It was a tradeoff.  But is almost feels like fall weather.  It was nice.

This morning, I was reminded that I hadn’t been writing.  I knew I hadn’t been writing.  Well… I hadn’t been writing for me.  I was helping Squirrel Girl with her essay and making sure her grammar was what it needed to be and making sure she got the best grade on her paper she could get.  That doesn’t really count.  I hadn’t been writing for me… and it was getting to the point where my head was starting to feel like it was going to explode.  It was really nice to be gently reminded that my writing was being missed.  AND it prompted me to get busy with some poems.  This had an interesting side effect.  SEVERAL new people have “liked” my poems today and one even commented on one of the poems.

It made me smile to realize that not only are there people who like to read what I write, but notice that I haven’t been writing for a little while, too.  I’m starting to wrap my head around maybe working on my MFA… and thinking that maybe maybe maybe teaching creative writing at the university level… maybe helping just one “kid” (loose interpretation of kid) the way my freshman college professor helped me.

It’s been kind of a mentally challenging week (give or take a few days).  Adam got teeth pulled.  And we have an official diagnosis of PDD NOS (the same diagnosis code as Aspergers but without the “developmental delays” of Aspergers for him.  It seems to have been kind of like he was able to relax… let his breath out… relax in his own skin.  I found a really good psychologist for him who heard him out… listened to what he said and what he didn’t say… and confirmed what he thought for quite a while.  Now he has started to evolve into an artist.  He has found pens that have the right “pull” and he is drawing.  His drawings are interesting and are very much Adam.

It is a good day.  I’m getting my head around my world.  I’m not quite ready for tomorrow to be Monday already… but on the plus side, I’m not completely exhausted from the game of chase the coach we had yesterday morning and my knees and fingers only ache a little from the change in the weather… and a hot bath made my tootsies not freezy freezy (I only took 2 hot baths today).



2 responses to “Gratitude

  1. There’s something so joyful about playing soccer with under 5s isn’t there! A good post


    • Thank you!
      Yeah, I’m looking forward to tonight’s practice and tomorrows game… I’m hoping to get the last couple holdouts willing to leave the sidelines…


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