The Souls of my Feat

I’ve seen several takes on ‘The Soul<s> of my Shoes’ lately.  On tumblr and wordpress and lots of places.  It started me thinking (and reading) and more thinking… Looking at pictures of where my feet have been… thinking of where my feet have taken me and what I’ve learned.  I kind of like the idea of the soul of my feet…

So… here I go… off on a ramble…

Today… my feet have me at work.  Jimmy Buffett is on my XM radio.  I have Sasafrass hand cream on.  The circus is tonight (so I am thinking that is going to be a wonderful picture taking evening).  Pager duty (why did they name the pager Dorothy???) week (three out of the next five weeks are pager duty weeks, so it is going to marginally suck… but three out of the next five Fridays are comp time days, so it will suck less… and THIS comp time Friday makes a four day weekend for me so I can get some cleaning done and some walking done).

I have to make a concentraited effort to get myself going and get my butt in gear… in general. I know this.  It’s been a very unproductive couple weeks.  Sleeping off jet lag took too long.  Getting over the allergy attack took too long.  Getting over the infection slash fungal infection is taking too long.  I’m feeling impatient with myself.  I know this will pass, but I am feeling very… not right with all of that.  This will pass.

So… the thinking…

I know that I’m not “normal”. It is not a judgemental kind of knowing.  I just know that I think different and I’m good with how I look at things.  I don’t know if “normal” people think about the same kind of things I think about.  I’m pretty sure they don’t.  But it looks like some people do… so… yeah…

I know that my feet have taken me on a journey that is perfectly unique to me. My feet have seen… felt… understood… many different things from what your feet have experienced.  And that’s okay.  And we can still talk, still compare notes, still understand our differences and celebrate our similarities.  I know that there is a reason my journey has taken me where it has.  If I hadn’t walked in the places I’ve walked, stepped into the footsteps of the huge and the tiny, touched my mind to the ground and heard the reverbations coming back to me from all of the feet, all of the souls, all of the minds that had quietly touched the same experience, I would not be me.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I wasn’t me…
Mostly, I know that it’s all good.

I will keep walking where my feets and my feats take me… I will keep trying to find and do the good…

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