All about the perspective

So, I’ve been dwelling a good bit lately because I know that people think I’m as dumb as a box of rocks.

My post yesterday kind of dwelt on that. I’ve been torn between being dumber than a box of rocks, and dumber than owl shit. The latter I heard frequently when I was growing up. “He’s dumber than owl shit” was thrown about often.


I was shown a ray of sunshine when a very special friend of mine pointed out…

“Well,I’d rather be rocks than shit…rocks can be very pretty and shit never is. Rocks are solid and strong,shit isn’t ”

I instantly had a change of perspective and went on a hunt through my treasures to find some rocks to put in a box to set on my desk at work.

THIS is what I found…
Special things to remind me that I can be strong and solid and pretty… and that rocks aren’t a bad thing.

So here I sit this morning… contemplating a change of perspective. Playing with the rocks that are sitting on my desk at home…


My Elephant, carved so amazingly with a tiny baby elephant inside the mommy one… all from one piece of rock. This was given to me by my son’s best friend (my Hindi special son from another mohter) after he came back to the US from his summer in India.
And my Jade Buddha from Denang… This one was very special to me because there is a flaw in the jade… under his left armpit. It just was so neat that it was allowed to be imperfect.

I’ve been thinking about my week… how my training has been going… How my brain has been going.

4 miles Monday on the road… at just about race pace even though it was very warm and humid.

Tuesday… YOGA… I pushed too hard (I forgot to remember that I was meeting myself on the mat… not in a contest with anyone)

Wednesday… off (allergy shots and some doctor mix ups meant I was off my whole game)

Thursday… 5 am.. 3 miles on the treadmill at race pace

Friday lunch time 3 miles at nearly race pace (middle of the afternoon found me with my fit on my desk because I had some funky edema going on… not bad… just enough that I could see the finger print dimples in my shins).

Today… It’s been a run around day… not a day for working out… and time for another down day.

I joined a couple more virtual running groups (Disney Running Groups) on Facebook and I’m working on planning out not only THIS January’s run, but next year in Disneyland and a year and a quarter a way for the 2015 Disney World half with my family.

According the the Galloway training program for the DW Half…. This coming Tuesday should start my training program, so I’m kind of ahead of the game.  Tuesday is also infusion day, so I’m not sure if I will hit the gym at all that day or when I will if I do (I know I will… it’s not taking long for me to get hooked on working out).

I know I can do this.  I have to be serious about it, but I know I can do this.  And if I keep feeling the way I have been feeling lately, I know I can keep doing this for a while.

I think I will put my little (little?… eh… kind of little) flawed Buddha in my fanny pack and keep him as my running buddy… reminding me that I am flawed but I can work towards finding myself every day.


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