30 Facts in 31 days in October… 10/4… Vacation Spots

Given the fact that I am ‘that crazy Disney chick’ most people would probably say my favorite all time place to vacation is Disney related.  And, I have to admit that I really do like Disney and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming vacation in Florida.  But my favorite place to vacation as a kid, one that still holds a huge place in my heart, is Kooser State Park in Pennsylvania.

As a kid I used to set sticks sailing in the creek, watching them go from one side of wooden bridges to the other.  The creek was probably 6 inches deep, and ice cold.  The perfect place to sail your pretend ships.

It was there that I learned to make pipes and coffee cups and plates out of acorns for our fairy folks.  I learned to ditch around the tent in case of rain.  I learned to bend a coat hanger into a toaster for over the camp fire.  And I learned the beauty of the quiet.

I hiked over the mountain.

I tried, valiantly to swim in the lake.

I chiseled my name into a rock near the cabins.

I learned that cabin life would be incredibly wonderful.


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