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Little known facts of me… October 9, 2913… I have heard lakes freeze

One of the most incredible sounds is the sound of a lake freezing.
Winter in Northern Minnesota can get very cold. There is a big difference between thirty below and fifty below zero. And you know cold is something you have to deal with when there are electric outlets at the mall so you can plug the block heater in your car’s engine in while you’re shopping so your car won’t freeze.
When the lakes start to freeze, you can sit (or walk do you don’t freeze fast) by the lake and hear the lake freeze.
It groans, and squeaks, and moans almost like a hurt person.
Later, when the ice is four feet thick sometimes, you can look down into the clear black ice and see cracks that go deeper than you can see. There are perfectly round white air bubbles trapped in the night black ice.
While it’s wicked cool driving on the lakes. Hearing them freeze is amazing.

Little Known Facts… October 5, 2013… I Sneak Reading

Hi, my name is <insert name here> and I’m a read-a-holic.

I love to read.  I don’t ‘get’ to read nearly as much as I would like to, because I end up feeling like I should be doing something else.  Sometimes I have help feeling like I should be doing something else.  Everyone else seems to need to have so many pieces of me.

I have the Nook reader app on my phone and on my ipad.  I have the Kindle app on my phone and on my ipad.  I get questioned so many times because I get caught reading.

It hurts a lot to understand that I’m getting CAUGHT doing something that is so horrible, reading books.

I know, when I was a kid, no one understood why I loved to read, but no one ever gave me grief for reading.  My habit was nurtured and fed.  I had boxes and boxes of books.  Not always the kind of books that I loved to read, but it was reading material so I consumed it.  I fed my habit.

Now, so many times I feel like I’m going through withdrawals.  I hide and read a page, a paragraph, a sentence.  When I get caught and someone thinks that something else matters more, I cave.  But I can’t seem to stop coming back to get my fix.

Anyone else a closet reader?  Want to join my anit-read-a-holics anonymous ???


Little known facts October 7, 2013… I am a Loner

Loner-dom has never been a conscious choice, not by design, not because I hate people.  It has always seemed to just happen.  Thinking back, making friends was just never as easy for me as it seemed to be for other people.  And friends have come and gone, slipping gracefully into and out of my life.

There are a few who I have missed greatly.  I have tried to contact some… and all of my attempts, for all intents and purposes, have gone to the great bit bucket in the sky.  At some point, you start to realize that it’s just not happening.

I watch people at work go and have coffee together.  I watch people walk loops, with other people, around the building.  I listen to people inviting other people to lunch.  I watch people joking and bring each other donuts and breakfast tacos.

I try to drown out the world at work with my headsets.   And I feel a very lame leap of joy when I finally get one of the stupid “atta boy” cards at work… even though the person I got one from had (this month) written one out for each and everyone of the people on our team… I felt stupidly happy to realize that I was included as one of the people on my team.

It’s easier to think it doesn’t matter if you drown out the world.

I know I have friends.  I know that I have even more acquaintances.

I got home and I watch the neighbors have parties.

We go on vacation and have to pay someone to watch the pets.  There is no one I can ask to watch them.

mostly, my friends live in my computer.  Some in my computer at work.  Some in my computer at home.

And I finally have a best friend… and a few that I consider to be good friends.

I’m reading Mile Markers (Kristin Armstrong) and realizing just how lonely sometimes I am.  I face so many of my runs alone.

Little Known Fact A Day October 5… `Shrooms

Fact:  I enjoy pictures of Mushrooms and Toadstools.

I actually paid for one picture, once upon a time when I was waiting tables.  It was a painting at the place where I was waiting tables.  It fascinated me.

When I was a kid, every spring, we went hunting mushrooms.  The woods we hunted in (Who’s Woods These Are I think I know) were behind a school mate’s farm.  Who knew, at the time that morel mushrooms were like to die for and everything.  They are yummy.  and they grow in the same places as May-apples grow.  I always loved having may-apple umbrellas.

I was always good at finding their hiding places (the Morels, may-apples don’t really hide so well).

We have lived in places where the fungus among-us doesn’t grow so well.  But there is almost always  something growing on trees (punk).  The designs are fascinating.  The textures.  The differences in them.

I have been out taking pictures of them for the last couple days.  They don’t grow here for very long, it is never wet enough or the right temperature.  When they do, they take over the yard and I go a little nutsy taking picutres.

30 Facts in 31 days in October… 10/4… Vacation Spots

Given the fact that I am ‘that crazy Disney chick’ most people would probably say my favorite all time place to vacation is Disney related.  And, I have to admit that I really do like Disney and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming vacation in Florida.  But my favorite place to vacation as a kid, one that still holds a huge place in my heart, is Kooser State Park in Pennsylvania.

As a kid I used to set sticks sailing in the creek, watching them go from one side of wooden bridges to the other.  The creek was probably 6 inches deep, and ice cold.  The perfect place to sail your pretend ships.

It was there that I learned to make pipes and coffee cups and plates out of acorns for our fairy folks.  I learned to ditch around the tent in case of rain.  I learned to bend a coat hanger into a toaster for over the camp fire.  And I learned the beauty of the quiet.

I hiked over the mountain.

I tried, valiantly to swim in the lake.

I chiseled my name into a rock near the cabins.

I learned that cabin life would be incredibly wonderful.