Little Known Fact A Day October 5… `Shrooms

Fact:  I enjoy pictures of Mushrooms and Toadstools.

I actually paid for one picture, once upon a time when I was waiting tables.  It was a painting at the place where I was waiting tables.  It fascinated me.

When I was a kid, every spring, we went hunting mushrooms.  The woods we hunted in (Who’s Woods These Are I think I know) were behind a school mate’s farm.  Who knew, at the time that morel mushrooms were like to die for and everything.  They are yummy.  and they grow in the same places as May-apples grow.  I always loved having may-apple umbrellas.

I was always good at finding their hiding places (the Morels, may-apples don’t really hide so well).

We have lived in places where the fungus among-us doesn’t grow so well.  But there is almost always  something growing on trees (punk).  The designs are fascinating.  The textures.  The differences in them.

I have been out taking pictures of them for the last couple days.  They don’t grow here for very long, it is never wet enough or the right temperature.  When they do, they take over the yard and I go a little nutsy taking picutres.


One response to “Little Known Fact A Day October 5… `Shrooms

  1. Ahhh… morels! Food of the gods. My husband’s family were really into hunting them when I joined the family. My father-in-law kept his successful hunting grounds secret even from us. He would bring home garbage bags full at a time. My mother-in-law would soak them in salt water to make the bugs leave them. Then she halved them, dipped them in milk/egg mixture, and rolled them in fine cracker crumbs. To fry them it was always Crisco but not the butter flavor one. My mouth is watering as I speak. We lived in Michigan for a year and I wanted to go to the northern tip to an annual morel festival there. People would hunt them and bring them in for trophies. Of course, there were a lot of vendors cooking them up. We never went, sadly. Now I live in dry Kansas. Locals sometimes brag of their finds along river banks, but for the most part, few have experienced them and look at you like you are nuts when you talk of hunting mushrooms. Great post!


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