A Day to Smile

So, it was my Orencia infusion day.  It was the first one since training for the half started in earnest, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I didn’t run before I went for my infusion, I waited until lunch time to go to the gym.  It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had.  I’m not sure what it was (a little dehydrated, a little tired, the Orencia… what it was) but it was so hard to stick with my run today.  I guess I’m getting used to road running for starters and trying to force the stupid treadmill to change speeds the way I like to change them up was less than easy.  Whatever it was, I toughed it out because it was a 30 minute day and I had to stick to my schedule if at all possible.

My Rheumy told me that it was probably my best exam yet.  My inflammation is down and I’m doing way better.  Looks like the Orencia is working.  She did prescribe me topical NSAID  cream for when my hands scream and is going to write me a script for Prednisone for January just in case.

Tonight, I was reading through posts on facebook on some of the groups I’m in and I had to post on a thread.  They were talking about being starving after a long run (and caffeine before a run).  I know that, if I end up on the Prednisone… I will be eating everything that isn’t nailed down… and caffeine??? really??? Coffee first, then run, then chocolate milk and omlette.

It was neat… because someone else on the thread has a rheumy, too.  We chatted about running with RA and being Disney race nuts.  You don’t find many people still running (or even walking very fast) with RA, and when you do, it’s kind of neat to do the whole high five hand bump thing… gently though… cause it hurts.

It’s been a smile kind of day, in a lot of ways.


3 responses to “A Day to Smile

  1. We have to celebrate the little things and just keep taking it a day at a time 🙂


  2. Just came across this today and I love it. I’ve been a runner 20+ years too, dx with RA just last year. I have a newbie blog about continuing to stay active despite RA:
    So, so, so happy to have connected. I am now a follower. When I get a little more website saavy, I’m going to link to this. Because, like you said, you don’t find many people running with RA. It’s awesome to “meet” you.
    Be well,
    Lori George


    • Great to meet you, Lori! 🙂 You can never have too much support! I’m sorry it has to be over a condition that keeps on giving, but I’m going to link in to your site, too!
      I’m anxious to see how I do on my 10 miler on the 27th.


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