Little known facts of me… October 9, 2913… I have heard lakes freeze

One of the most incredible sounds is the sound of a lake freezing.
Winter in Northern Minnesota can get very cold. There is a big difference between thirty below and fifty below zero. And you know cold is something you have to deal with when there are electric outlets at the mall so you can plug the block heater in your car’s engine in while you’re shopping so your car won’t freeze.
When the lakes start to freeze, you can sit (or walk do you don’t freeze fast) by the lake and hear the lake freeze.
It groans, and squeaks, and moans almost like a hurt person.
Later, when the ice is four feet thick sometimes, you can look down into the clear black ice and see cracks that go deeper than you can see. There are perfectly round white air bubbles trapped in the night black ice.
While it’s wicked cool driving on the lakes. Hearing them freeze is amazing.


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