Thank Goodness it’s Only My Hands

Up and trying to get some writing done.  Trying to finish my arm warmers.  Trying to stay psyched for the race.  I sit here and nurse my coffee, gulp my water and thank goodness that, for this morning at least, it is only my hands that hurt.

Usually, in the morning, they are cold.  Often they are kind of achy.  This morning they are screaming.  Not just my problem child right hand, but both hands.  I pop a couple napproxin (prescription strength) and do my best to ignore it.  I have so much to do, so much to get done.  I can’t let this get in my way today.

I’m hoping it’s just the fronts coming through, the rain coming in… and it probably is.

They are calling for morning rain tomorrow.  I’m not sure how to dress for the rain.  I can’t dress for the rain.  I have to dress for the run and hope that it doesn’t rain  And it will.  And I’m stressing.  And that doesn’t help the ouchies.

So… here we are again… Skip forward an hour or so.  I took a HOT bath, the Napproxin kicked in.  The second arm warmer is done (save for the scales on the tail that doubles as the two arm warmers that I need to figure out how to make) and I found my home made blister prevention cream (well… I found the HUGE bottle of it… I had the tiny bottle of it all snuggled away) AND my vapo-rub (moral support).  My wool socks are clean and dry and an extra pair is packed away in a series of zipper bags.

I’ve been reading blog posts on Running in the Rain.  I might be able to write one of those after tomorrow… finding out how to dress, how not to dress, what to pack and take, what to leave behind.

I have yet to completely convince myself that I can do this and it is a smart thing to do, but, it’s something that I have to do.

If anyone is interested… this post is awesome…

a lot of the same information is here but with some “don’t” things and a way different voice.


2 responses to “Thank Goodness it’s Only My Hands

  1. Thanks so much for including my tips for running in the rain. I’m so glad you found them helpful. I hope everything went well for you!!!


    • It went well. I have one to add! Wear your sports bra inside out so the seams aren’t against your skin! It was way better that way.


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