Monday Morning Coming Down

20130907-124132.jpg 20130907-124124.jpgIt’s dawn.  I’m listening to “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington (wicked good book and I’m loving our library).  My little Buddha herd and their elephant friend are my morning friends.  I think (even though I know it is going to be a busy day) it is going to be a good day.  Today I rent my new parking place (I’m SO over parking in the “sorry, you can’t park here because there is a game” parking garage), I take on the addition of a third project because we have several people off on vacation.  I’m kind of stressing over that one… but I know that tonight is Yoga and I know I can do that and I’m looking forward to that.

And I got writing done this morning.

I’m kind of aching this morning.  But it was a productive weekend.  Squirrel girl got custody of the desktop computer after I cleaned it of junk and of viruses.  She “borrowed” (I hope she remembers it is borrowed) my second monitor.  She has officially moved into her office.  I think it will do her good.  It’s kind of creepy that she’s disappeared but her office will give her a sanctuary.

I wish I could really get her “into” yoga… maybe meditation.  It worries me that she gets so up tight over everything.  She really needs to find her way to derail her own train, to side track it her brain when it starts to run away with her.  I know she will get there.  I know she will find her own way.  But It really worries me that she is going to melt down and lose herself in trying to get there.

I catch myself dwelling on the past.  I know it is not a place where I should dwell but it’s so hard to not creep back there.  I keep looking at pictures and watching videos.  I am doing good.  I fight to keep myself from creeping to the things that I learned over the years.  I refuse to rely on tears and guilt.  I watch the beauty that grows and smile.  And I rely more and more on that which I have learned will bring me quiet stillness…



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