Finding an Oasis

102So, this morning I’m sitting on some amazingly to DIE for chairs.  I want one for home.  I want several for home.  I don’t know where to get them but I want them.  They are huge round wicker “chairs”… my butt is against the back of the chair and my feet almost but not quite reach the edge.  So… it’s… 3 feet across.  Tons of pillows and the cushion is smooshy.

It’s not quite 7 am.  The sounds of the city coming awake are all around.  So are the birds.  At night this place is a bar.  There are ashtrays and candles and remnants of last night all around.  Coasters on the ‘floor’ and glasses hidden in the furniture.  And the morning is everywhere.

I found an oasis from the loneliness that felt like it was closing in.  The irony is that I’m still all alone, but this is somehow different.  A different kind of alone.

The chairs are so comfy.  I would love to be able to curl up and sleep here.  But given that it is  a part of the hotel bar, I guess that would be kind of tacky.  But I want one of these chairs for home.

I think it is important to find an oasis from the world where you can escape.  Escape alone.  Escape together.  Escape.  Relax.  Let whatever it is that you find that speaks to your soul (this morning it is this place with the traffic and the birds and the wind in the palm leaves… and the rain… thank goodness for the canvas awning) where you can find yourself.  It would be nicer if there was a water fall (or an electrical outlet to plug in my laptop)… or a creek… but the birds are very good company.

Where do you find your peace.  Make it your oasis. Lord knows RA takes away so much and impinges on so much more.  Find a place in your world where you can hide away for even a few minutes when the world feels like it is caving in around you and escape to there.


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