Down Time

DSC06918The last weekend of summer.  Sitting in the rocking chair looking out the sliding glass door at the back yard.  The rain blows through, the sun creeps out, and the rain blows through again.

Yesterday I got to see my first Air Show.  It was incredible.  If it weren’t for having seen the Blue Angels practicing over the parking lot on Friday when I left work.  It was breathtaking and incredible.  They are SO loud.  They are so skilled and I know they have to have fun doing what they do.  We were going to drive by the Air Show, maybe park and walk over by the river.  We ended up buying tickets to the show, walking the event, and even bought chairs in the box seats section (and lucked into the VERY CENTER of the action).  We stopped for an hour or so and we stayed for the day.

The hot dogs sucked.

The lemonade was over priced (duh) but incredible.

The sunburn doesn’t even hurt.

90 on an airport runway was too warm without shade or at least a hat. $10 was cheap for the box seats.

The planes were incredible.  Bi-planes, Jet Propelled Trailer Truck, and the Blue Angels.  The Blue Angels are absolutely incredible.  Scared the crap out of me.  Took my breath away.

DSC06475 DSC06517

After the air show, we went to a neighboring county county fair.  It was the county fairs from my childhood even though I had never been to this fair before.  It was farm tractors and real people and fair food.

I almost bought a light up Christmas sweater festooned with Santas and Snowmen and snowflakes and glitter.  The one I wanted zipped and the lights made it not quite fit right and I didn’t want to buy one that wasn’t going to be practical.  But it got me thinking I might just be able to throw one together for the Santa Hustle.

Today… today I’m watching the squirrels dragging hickory nuts across the back patio.  I finished the shawl that I’ve been working on.  I’ve been drinking coffee and just doing nothing much other than messing with pictures.  There is so much I should be doing.  And I’m not doing it.

The end of summer.  Good grief where did the time go?  Fall is on its way.  The shawl will feel good in the next month or so.

Change is change is change.


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