Labor Day

So… Herman is noisily drinking water (sometimes I wish a cat would drink as quietly as a horse does) from the dish, Peanut is hunting stray food that might have hidden itself somewhere (even though we all know it hasn’t) and the world, otherwise, is disturbingly quiet.

It’s Labor Day in the US.  A Monday holiday.  The beginning of what everything thinks of as fall even though it’s really not.

Today is a fair day.  Canfield Fair.  I haven’t been there since my ‘little boy’ was a little boy.  Today is going to be an awesome day and a very hard day for me.  I miss him a lot.  I will miss him a lot today.  I’m really proud of him for the path he is walking, but sometimes I wish that path was a little nearer.  When we were last at the fair, he was lifted high by Tony The Tiger and rode in a stroller.  Nothing like the 6 foot tall young man who stands on his own two feet.

His path is overgrown in places, in places the brambles have crowded so near that they bite deep into his body and his soul.  But it is a shaded path.  Cool and tree lined with just a wee bit of the rain to nurture his soul.  And he walks it hand in hand with his love.  Two roads diverged in a yellow wood….

It’s been a good weekend.  It’s been a hard weekend.

I’m looking forward to today.  Root Beer and laughter.  I will take a little extra napproxin because I can feel the weeks rolling by towards infusion day.  And I will carry an extra class ring with me…. because it helps.

2 responses to “Labor Day

  1. I guess it’s too quiet in your place to hear your cat drinking his water 🙂 Happy Holiday and keep well.


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