Airport Lounges

Okay… so… I know it’s been a quiet week or so.  But I’ve been in Brazil again for business and it’s really been a long trip.  Up early… Up late… busy stressed…

It was a realy cool weekend in Ubatuba (yes, it’s really a place… it’s really a neat place)

I have been thinking about the whole… what things make your life easier with RA post… I thought a LOT about it on the flight here when I flew business class and could relax and stretch and I wasn’t exhausted when I got to Sao Paulo.  It may be the only time it ever happens, but it was sure a special treat.

Today, I’m on my way home.  I’m flying business class again, and it means that I can sleep on the red eye.  It means it will suck less when I get to Miami and have to high tail it through customs and to my connecting.  I don’t like Miami airport.

But the very coolest thing that has been an incredible boost is being sent to the Airport lounge.  I’ve never been in the lounge for any of the airlines before.  Always saw the signs.  Even did some research on paying the premium for it on a vacation with a long layover… but never actually made it through the sliding glass doors… till today.

Now, I won’t say it is a magical place or even that it is somewhere I would chose to spend time… but if I’m going to have to spend seven hours in the airport waiting to catch my flight, at least I have somewhere comfortable to sit somewhere I can charge my batteries (in my technology and in me)… free wifi and food.  And… Amazing coffee and a coke.

So… tonight I’m thanking my stars that I was given something that might be a small thing… it might be a big thing… whatever it is… tonight I’m making the most of this.

I will make it home feeling human… and not hurting.


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