Home again Home again Jiggidy Jig

So… I made it home… all safe and sound…. and I started this post an entire WEEK ago… and I’m finally getting it finished now… and it is already November

It was a LONG flight… I hate American Airlines commuter flights out of Miami (as a rule, though, the main airport is awesome… I came away with 12 banana paper notebooks for everyone… 30 pounds to haul across country)… as someone with RA, I am a HUGE fan of business class travel… If you have 7 or 8 or 9 hours to kill in an airport, I’m also a HUGE fan of the lounges.  The seats are comfortable.  The drinks are hot or cold depending on what you pick (the coffee is nummy).  The food is kept plentiful and the wifi is free.  Again… as someone with RA… the difference is phenomenal between traveling coach and traveling business class and getting to use the lounge.

Got home in time to see the leaf vacuum truck suck up the leaf piles at the curb on our street.   I stood on the porch making suck up noises giggling my ass off while they vacuumed our leaf pile into their truck.  I’m… really weird.

It was good to get home.  I missed my peeps… I missed my hugs…

Last night was halloween.  Kids and I sat out on the porch handing out candy… in the cold rain… it was a reminder that we live in Ohio now.  The fact that EVERY CHILD said trick or treat and thank you (and most chatted with us) also reminded me that we are back in the north east.  Not ONE trick or treater was over 30.  Not one.  Even the one dad that did do the candy getting… the kids were bundled up in a roofed wagon, were dressed up, and were old enough to walk on their own… but it was raining and the mom didn’t want cold wet toddlers to try to warm up later.

This morning, I listen to the rain on the windows, the wind in the trees and know that, in a couple more days, most of the leaves will be gone.  The quiet this morning is almost palpable.  And in the quiet there is so much to hear.

Home again Home again…
happy November everyone…




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