Snowy Saturday Morning

Sitting on the couch snuggled into shawl and afghan and memories.  I’m thinking about making coffee.  Outside the door the remnants of this year’s first snow storm trying desperately to not melt.  It’s a beautiful morning.  The wood smoke smell clings and drags memories out of my forever ago.

There are some forever agos that, I guess, should just (I guess) stay forever ago.

It’s been a long first week of recovery from my gall bladder surgery.  It’s been a short first week of recovery, too.  My tapes have fallen off.  My bruising has all but faded.  And last night I slept without having to resort to a pain pill.

I’m five weeks out from my last infusion and a week away from my next.  My hands are feeling the lack of pain pills and the lack of orencia.  I’ve got scarves to work on and I’m not feeling it but this morning I’m picking my battles and fighting my way through.

This holiday season is evolving.  It’s been a magical new holiday.

This year I thought we would be spending the holidays apart as a family.  I thought the best I could hope for was to set up skype between where we are and where we were and spend the holiday together that way.  It turns out I was wrong.  Not only did I get all of my small herd back together, but we also added an extra young elf to our small herd.  And there is a whole new magic in our house this year.

There is a new magic in the house.  Extra people to decorate the tree with and share stories with.  Extra wonder to show the magic of snow.

It’s kind of interesting… it’s been almost exactly a year since I interviewed here.  It seems like it has flown… it seems like it has been forever…

Thanksgiving is creeping up so fast… this week I should be able to get my new glasses, I get to see my surgeon for post op and I get to get my infusion.  We need to go turkey shopping.  And I just checked out weather bug… looks like we are in for a wee bit more wintery weather (we have an alert out already for this morning into tomorrow.


2 responses to “Snowy Saturday Morning

  1. I love snow, but my days of playing in it are over so now I just watch White Christmas.


  2. Glad to see you are on the mend and able to enjoy the snow. I hate the cold, but I’m slightly jealous, and wish we were seeing snow instead of rain:)


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