Gall Bladder all gone

So… Thursday I had gall bladder surgery and they fixed the hietal hernia while they were in poking around.  It will be 7 or 8 weeks between orencia infusions which means by the time I go back for it, I will be kind of ready to chew nails but I’m pretty sure it is a trade off.

When I had my hysterectomy, it was in a surgery center.  Near a hospital, but not at the hospital.  Yesterday’s surgery was in what resembles the hospitals of my childhood.  I had a private room for getting ready for surgery and for napping off the pain.

Pre-op and post-op was in the dorm room kind of place with a dozen beds in various stages of getting ready for the next step.  The doctors/nurses all had amazing senses of humor.  The view from the window was of the lake and down town.  I’m glad it is over.

I’m kinda stressed at my sister and her similar fight… and the way the doctors are treating her with it… I wish it were possible for her to see my surgeon who seems to take it all way more seriously than the blow off answers she’s getting from hers…


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