Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig


I’m home. It’s good to be able to sit on the front porch in the quiet and in the green and just sit. I don’t get the time for real quiet for long, but when I can sneak in five or ten seconds, it is incredible. The green I came home to (I missed the falling leaves in October, I missed the growing leaves in May) make the front porch magical.

I am a week late on my infusion. That means that right now I’m really starting to feel the achies. I only have to wait a few more days.

Now I have time to reflect on my trip.

I was told, before I went, that I really need to go drinking with someone I work with (not closely, but work with). Since I take the whole… you can’t drink if you are on MTX… very seriously, I don’t drink anything stronger than coffee and coke, but I hung out with her and the herd while we were in Brazil and I learned a lot.

I learned I needed to stop being scared of her. She is passionate about her customers, her direct reports, and her job. These are good things to understand.

I learned that she has an interesting sense of humor.

I learned that the RA that she has has destroyed the joints of her knees so that she has bone on bone in her knee. Last year she had one knee replaced. This year she is going to have the other replaced. I watched her struggle with her knees, not being able to ride certain vans back and forth from plant to hotel and hotel to plant. She struggled every day that we were there. She kept the same disposition the entire time. She’s up beat and open dispite the pain. She kvetches about the pain but with reason to do so.

I learned (again) that you should never jump to conclusions… don’t judge what you don’t know and never automatically belive that you understand everything.

I realized how much I miss my Aunt Bea. I realized that she lived in such a different time and it breaks my heart that she wouldn’t see the way the world is today. I wish with all of my heart that she could have lived with Helen and been happy.

Coming home meant that I could see my daughter play her first rugby game. She made some really good tackles. I’m proud of her. It meant I got to hear about the people following my son on his Streaming venture. He’s making real progress. I miss his fiance… but they are both working on the venture and it is making a difference. They are growing their following. I am proud of him/them, too.

And today… I get to go watch “Home”… fancy date!


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