Simple and Gentle


There are so many things I could be doing… so many I should be doing… other than listening to the neighbors newspapers thunk onto their driveways… other than watch my dog looking at nothing off the porch… other than sitting surrounded by the bird songs and quiet.
There are so many and yet here I am, sitting wrapped in a blanket, just… not.
I am hoping the valpurin gel kicks in soon.  It’s not, but the morning seems to seal away the urge to cry… or puke…


My shoulder is giving me issues again.  I was hoping it would pass rather than worsten.  It’s not passing and this morning it is worse than the last two mornings.  I emailed my Dr and hope to hear from her early today.  I’m toying with just taking some prednisone.  My tricks aren’t working…
But for now, I let the peace of the morning still my thoughts…. and only feel a little guilty over what I’m not getting done.


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