Escaping into the quiet

There is a new yoga studio in town and tonight I get to go visit it for something called Restorative with Meditation.  It says that it is going to be holding poses longer and using props to ease into relaxation.  I’m really looking forward to this.  It’s been so long since I’ve been in a group practice and this is something I’m doing all alone.  I guess that really sounds kind of selfish but I think it is something I really need.

Starting at 4.5 weeks from my last infusion is probably not the best idea in the whole wide world, but it is something that I need to do.  If I like the studio and the practice, I’m going to start doing it on a regular basis.  They are going to add in to the ‘regular’ yoga poses (yin poses) breathing practice (something I tend to focus on myself) and meditation.

They have some other interesting classes that I might pop into occasionally, too.  Flow On Your Own (a $5 a class class with no teacher) sounds awesome too.  Basic Slow Flow maybe too.  It’s kind of neat to have this within easy walking distance from home where I can maybe get back into my practice.

Bear and I have started to walk more.  We take the dog on a mile and a half walk every evening after work and late in the afternoon on weekends.  Yesterday we walked the LONG way to get stuff for vegetable soup too.  We aren’t pushing hard but just adding in activity.  It’s a good thing.  And stupid Peanut is loving it.  She trots the whole walk.  She isn’t losing any weight but she’s having a blast, and pooping up a storm.  I think I’m going to start adding in a ‘run’ (more pushing) in a few mornings a week so I can get back to my training deal.  I want to be totally ready for Presque Isle in July.  AND I can still sign up until May and keep the $35 entry fee.

It’s funny, if I don’t make a New Year’s resolution, it is easier to just try to get healthier on my own without the added pressure of maintaining the public commitment.


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