A cup of tea in the quiet


This morning, this is my view.
I’m sitting, listening to the morning birds (and airplanes…and traffic) enjoying a cup of tea sitting on a camp chair in the greenhouse.  It is amazing to shut myself away in plain sight and just listen to the morning.
The seedlings are watered.  I didn’t do such a good job with the herbs and flowers starting them.  Next year I will do better.  The tomatoes are looking good I think, and the peppers too. 
This weekend will be onions, carrots and radishes.  I might do a diy upside down tomato plant… I think more lettuce too.
I have to pot up the seedlings.
The greenhouse is starting to smell like soil and life.
It’s good out here.
I’m hoping, now, this will lead to less stress.  It’s leading to a nice place to hide in the mornings, that’s for sure.

Love and Light



2 responses to “A cup of tea in the quiet

  1. I hope your upside down tomato plant turns out better than our last one. It was a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree tomato plant.

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  2. Seems like a great place to meditate and feel one with nature. And hide!

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