Autoimmune Issue Business


It was an interesting week.  I probably have fifty things I should be doing right now, but this seems to be the most important and compelling thing I can think of right now.

I got an email this week that was generated via the sidebar thing on this blog.  I have gotten a few of these.  Some are about doing an interview for one of the medical sights or a magazine (which always makes me shake my head… because I’m still convinced that I’m just me and me isn’t anything that unusual or noteworthy) or they are to try to get me to try some neat new product and write a review of it.  I’ve found some really cool toys through these.  I keep waiting and hoping for the next cool new toy one.  Let’s face it… I brought home 20 pounds of give-away toys from Collaborate this year.

THIS week, though, there was a sidebar that made me sit up and think… take notice… really engage.  There are two very delightful young men in California who are passionately looking for a meaningful business to start that will impact… assist… help… people with Autoimmune disorders.  It’s been a week that has made me smile.

The young men contacted me because they read this blog.  They reached out with an email that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up a little.  They worked for a company that makes software that I have used extensively.

I have to admit, when I got the email, I Googled the guy who emailed me.  I have started to become wary of people of late.  What I found made me smile even more.  This young man worked on a game that I spent hours and hours playing.  His wife found out she has lupus.  He has connections to THE Disney race that ran in 2014.  Do-do do-do do-do do-do… Hm… there are coincidences but… sometimes there are just things that are supposed to be.

I talked to these young men for about half an hour on Friday afternoon.  They aren’t entirely sure what they are going to do, what their business model will be.  But they have a passion to make a real difference.  They are going to make a difference.

We talked about several things…

When I travel, what are my pain points?

When I look for a new doctor, what are my pain points?  How do I hunt for them?  Why do I change doctors?

Insurance… what are my pain points?  What would be helpful?

What are the places in my daily life… those points that are NOT directly related to exhaustion and pain of the physicality of the condition… that are most difficult?

Where do I go for support… you know… those groups that talk together, either in person or on line, that lend support to each other because everyone in the groups “get it”?

So here I am… sitting wrapped in one of my shawls, watching the gray sky lighten with the sun behind it, drinking my coffee, thinking. Thinking about how I can help these young men (if anyone would like to provide input, it would be incredibly helpful if you have answers to any of these questions… maybe they will creep the blog and see the answers).  How I can make a bigger difference.  How I can help all of the people like me who are people like me…

So here I am again.

It’s Sunday (again)… I seem to find myself here on Sunday mornings.

I have my own ideas… maybe…. just maybe…

Love and Light
April Wells
May 15, 2016


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