Chilly and Rainy Morning

I’m up and enjoying Coco Wheats and coffee.  It’s still way dark but I’m watching the rain spatter the culdesac where the light splashes on the gray street.  There aren’t any deer this morning yet, but it’s still early.

I’m pushing myself too hard.  I’m absolutely positively exhausted.  I keep trying to convince myself that once we get past the first week of go-live in my two projects at work I can step back and take a breath.  I just have to make it a couple more weeks.  I’m trying.  It’s not working.

Cannons to the left… cannons to the right… cannons in front… <now see if you get that rather obscure reference>

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is in just a couple days.  Halloween is my next infusion.  It’s hard to believe it’s that time again, too.  I can really start to tell right now that I’m coming due.  I know that is part of why I’m feeling so utterly exhausted, too.

Last night while we were on our walkies (Peanut know what time Walkies are and is so excited when the jackets and shoes come out) I saw some awesome big gray plastic bins in someone’s trash (today is trash day).  I’ve been composting in some small plastic bins I snagged from someone else’s garbage all summer but those are just getting too small… and my composting is really taking off… I was outgrowing what I had… so when we got home I got in my truck (it mortified me that I had to take my truck and not just carry them home) and rescued Four big gray storage bins from the trash.  There were more bins there… I’m going that way to work this morning and if they are still there I’m rescuing some more.

Any way I got the big gray ones that I really wanted and brought them home, drilled holes in the bottoms and they have taken the place of my small bins for composting.  Through the winter the compost won’t really cook much… but I have two bins side by side… I will throw my stuff in the one without anything in it right now and let the other one cook for as many fall days as it can… in the spring I will work out what to do next…

I’ve brought in the plants that I want to try to winter over in my house… I brought in my sage and my basil (big plants)… my peppers (I hope what I hear is true IS true and I can make these peppers into smallish trees and keep them going for several years)… and my house plants that were summering in the greenhouse.

The fall is here and with it the contemplation of so many things… Not the least of which is the coming spring.

Love and Light



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