Arava… Two Weeks Out

SO… I started on Arava about two weeks ago.

I’m trying to see how I’m liking this as opposed to methotrexate.  It’s kind of a toss up right now.  Now was PROBABLY not the time for me to have to be changing out drugs.  I’m having to push my body too far for too long.  I’m pushing 70 to 90 hours a week and I know that will continue for the next couple weeks at least. My body is really getting pissed at me.

The Arava is giving me headaches.  Only a couple have been HORRIBLE headaches but thankfully Relpax has staved off most of that.

Stress/medicine change/whatever however has made my problem wrist nearly useless for a couple days and last night/this morning my neck aches in weird places. This “flare” is making me short tempered and far less adaptable and it bothers me a lot.

I was once told that pain changes a person.  I knew that the statement is true because I’ve seen it (badly at times)… but the stress and pain at this point are making nearly unable to function.  And yet, I have to push through because there is no one else TO push through.  I keep thinking that I only have to make it to Thanksgiving and then I might actually have a couple of days off.


If I’m lucky

I’m kind of terrified to go to the doctor on Halloween.  They are running the first set of labs on Arava and I’m kind of scared to see how they come back.  The Santa Hustle is early December and I have to feel human enough to finish it… I have to.  As demoralized as I am right now with everything in general, I have to be able to accomplish THAT much for myself

And my phone is quacking… demanding I pay attention to mail.


Love and light

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