Santa Hustle T-minus days and counting

So, here it is, Monday morning and I’m working my way through a ‘thank god I had some extras squirreled away because I figure post race will suck” prednisone taper. That means sleeping sucks and I want to eat everything that isn’t nailed down (which would be bad).  It means, too, however, that if/when I finish the Santa Hustle Half Marathon on Sunday I won’t need to be carried to the car.

I wish I had had time to train for this race better.  I wish the only training I could do wasn’t walking the dog.  I wish I didn’t have to DEMAND last week that I be able to take the entire day off on Sunday so I can do something for myself.  I wish ever race I sign up for doesn’t some how come off as either my losing the entry fee because I get sent somewhere or that I can’t do it because there is no human way for me to achieve a work life balance of anything other than about 80 – 20.

I’m tired

I’m frustrated

I’m intending in 2017 that, when I am on vacation, I’m on VACATION and that means I don’t have to log in and fix anything.

For now, I just want to be able to take the entire Sunday and not have to carry my laptop just in case I get paged again.

This morning I’ve been looking at 2017 races and there are a couple I think I would love to do. One is in April in Edgewater Park in Cleveland.  Just 10 miles, but I really love the park.  The other one is in Rocky River Reservation in Rocky River Ohio and is a half.  Then either the Santa House 10K or the Santa Hustle again next year, but I think I will opt for the Santa House 10k.  I’m not sure why but I really really like that run and I always end up feeling really good by the finish line (even if I do end up finishing all alone with very few people in sight).

I don’t want to have a DNF again Sunday.  I’m terrified I will have a DNF again on Sunday.  I hope the prednisone helps enough to keep the pain behind its fence.





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