The Monday From Hell

Today is Tuesday

Tuesday has to be better

Tuesday is free small iced coffee at Dunkin.

It has to be better.

Yesterday I found out that the project that should have been going into production support mode was actually going into (he he he) phase two of project mode… one day after finding out I was losing my contractor to another project.

Yesterday I hit the ground running at 7:30 am and didn’t stop running at all until 7:30 pm when I horked down supper and crashed.

Yesterday I went to take a bathroom bio break (with my phones because you know… project mode part two… have to be johnny on the spot at all times) and when I flushed the commode my ipod fell into the commode and was flushed completely away.  Yay me. I was working on my race music for Sunday.  Yay me.  I mean… it was an iPod touch (that there is NO way I can afford to replace)… I saw it fall in and I thought “well now I’m going to have to dry that out, damn”… I never DREAMED it would fit through the plumbing… but it did… it was just GONE and not just gone but gone gone…

I was in a meeting to get the mostestestest important part of the project that went live but didn’t done before the code freeze in a week (this part SHOULD have gone live a month ago, but you know… we forgot) and I got three other phone calls (Mr Manners) because of three other mostestestest important things in the same project that I’m alone on that all have to be done simultaneously and when I asked for prioritization I got ALL!!!

I ALMOST made it to the car to drive home before I got another VERY CRITICAL CRAP TO BE DONE phone call.

Prednisone isn’t helping matters
Not getting to do anything at lunch time ever isn’t helping matters
Everyone else being just as over stretched doesn’t help matters

But I do have a lovely bottle of wine that I can look at sitting on the shelf but can’t drink because my doctor says the drugs that keep me from killing people because of the pain without them would cause me to destroy my liver in no time flat if I drink the wine.

Tuesday has to be better, right?



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