On Falling… WHO is responsible???

It has been pointed out to me that I fall an awful lot in the winter time.  It has also been pointed out that it’s probably because I’m trying to go too quickly.


Maybe not….

I’ll admit, the first time in December that I fell I was trying to goo too quickly.  But in my defense I WAS ‘running’ in the Santa Hustle and the point of a race is to try to do it quickly… So I will cop to that one.

Yesterday, though, I can’t admit to something that just isn’t so.

Yesterday morning (in the blistering heat of 15 degrees Fahrenheit) I was walking from my truck in my parking lot to work.  I was taking a path well traveled although not the route I usually take (keeping the mind sharp and all that), a path that passes a rather large parking lot that many people opt to park in (it’s cheap).

When I stepped out of my truck, I nearly slipped.  One foot out and I found the quarter inch of ice that covered my parking lot.  Yay… oh yay… So I walked through the plowed snow where I could at least get a little footing.  I wanted to see the lights from a different perspective (and Christmas lights aren’t going to be lit much longer) so I figured I would go the long way.  Past the river at a different spot and in the back side of work.

I made it out (with some nifty pictures) of the parking lot and out to the street.  The sidewalks were also a sheet of ice.  Who is responsible for keeping the sidewalks clear?

I crossed the street (which was a little slippy but not horrible) and started up the side street.  I don’t typically walk on the street unless there is a race or a very good reason.  So I got up on the sidewalk and started up the street.  RIGHT by where the cars pull into the parking lot, my feet went out from under me and I landed… HARD.  My perfectly delightful cup of Dunkin coffee went all over my tan pants (yeah, that looked lovely all day) and I hurt.  A lot.

Who IS responsible for clearing the ice from the sidewalks around parking lots?  I know that I’m responsible for clearing the ice from the walks around my house.  I know that stores are responsible for clearing the sidewalks and parking lots around their establishments.  But… parking lots?  Is it the lot owner?  And if it IS the lot owner, what about the lots run by the city?  There were spots where the ‘salt’ (that isn’t salt because it was too cold for salt to work) had eaten through to the cement and it was safe to walk.

There were very few sidewalks even last evening on my walk TO my truck that were actually reasonably clean even through it was warm enough for regular salt to work.  The federal court house had ALL of its walks and steps and everything clean.  Work had all of their sidewalks clean.

Why can’t the people who make a crap ton on parking be bothered to clean up their messes as well.  Granted I park in ‘the flats’ where parking is cheaper and some of the businesses a little seedier (strip bars) but… I pay a decent amount to park where I do.  And the parking lot where I fell charges even more.

Who is responsible?  And why is it so hard to do more than the barest minimum for the people who pass by?

Yeah, I’m okay.  I was forced to take napproxen and I wore more of my coffee than I actually got to drink, my pants dried and the coffee probably will come out of my pants.  My wrist and ankle are still a little sore, but I think there was no actual major damage.  But it was a crappy way to start out a Monday.

Love and light

One response to “On Falling… WHO is responsible???

  1. It is a terrible way to start the morning. In answer to your first question. In Indiana, the building owner is responsible for the condition of the walk, but the business owner is responsible for the health fo their employees, assuming they are two different entities.

    So take a mall lot and an employee of one of the store employees slips and breaks a leg. The mall is liable for the break, but the worker may receive workers compensation for the lost time. the store then gets to decide if their lease allows them to push the burden to the mall.

    Again that is in Indiana other states and countries will likely vary.


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