Ice is not always your friend.

So, Monday we had the residue of snow then rain then freezing rain then freaking cold.  And… I fell on my butt and caught myself on my right arm… my right arm… my problem child…

Monday it HURT when I did it and hurt for a couple hours after, but it pretty much quit by the time I got home.  Tuesday it hurt and my grip went straight to hell.  Wednesday it didn’t get a whole lot better.  Yesterday I had errands to run all day and it didn’t get ANY better… in fact it has gotten progressively worse.

Went last night to have it x-rayed.  It is not broken.  The ER said it is just badly sprained.  But that doesn’t exactly explain what I’m actually seeing.  My fingers have NO strength… and this morning I can’t actually make a fist.  I’m wearing my velcro splint (read really nice brace) most of the time… but… it’s only marginally helping.

Ice is not your friend.

Going walkies with Peanut has become an adventure because I’m terrified again of falling.  Not good.  I’m hoping that passes soon but most of the houses in our neighborhood still have their driveways and their sidewalks COVERED in a sheet of ice… and walking on the street is an adventure in keeping everyone out of the housing area’s traffic.

I’m thinking what I have going on is probably closer to a flair than even a bad sprain.  It HURTS, but it hurts in weird ways and in weird places.  And I can’t make a fist and that is new.

I think the rheumy is going to notice.

I know they ask if I’ve had any falls with injury in the last 6 months and I’m totally not sure what to tell them.  I had to fess up to needing my napproxen refilled to combat the pain so she is going to totally know when I go in on Wednesday.

Ice is not always your friend.

The doctor at the ER told me to ice it.  I don’t think I’m going to be doing that.  The brace I’ll do, the ice not so much.  It makes my fingers scream.

I’m glad that, while I can’t close a tight fist with my right hand, it has not impacted my ability to type.  Write with a pen, somewhat, but typing might ache but I can totally still keep my speed.

Yay for typing!!!



One response to “Ice is not always your friend.

  1. I can barely type, and my handwriting is even worse. But I broke my ankle with a fall a few weeks ago. So I can certainly sympathize. I hope you are able to recover soon.


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