Finally The Weekend

It has been an incredibly long week… and I don’t know where the week went!

I was in training this week.  That means that my “work” hours were off shifted by a pretty significant chunk.  That means that I was stuck in a conference room that was either WAY too hot (because of the projector) or freezing because the univent’s “low” setting was still way too warm.  The class didn’t suck, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about.  I learned some things that I wish I had known 6 months ago, but that will definitely help in the upcoming projects this year.

A week ago today we went and picked up a half pig.  I didn’t realize how little half came out of a pig. There was a LOT of bacon but I think a half isn’t nearly as much as I thought it was.  We have at least a week before they call to tell us the half cow (which will make a crap ton more meat) will be ready for pickup.  Soon I can be getting really creative with meals.

Squirrel girl has started the taper off of her epilepsy meds.  It’s a little scary, but it is way more anticipated.  The neuro thinks that (based on the last couple EEGs) she probably has outgrown what was going on in her body when she was having seizures and that she can safely be taken off the meds.  The past week she was 50mg lower on her dose… today she drops another 50mg then we coast along at that dose for 2 months.  I don’t know how much difference it is really making so far, but it sure is good to hear her laugh again and see her smile.

There is snow on the ground.  True you can still see grass, but there IS snow there and I’m really liking that. Yeah… I’m odd.  But it’s JANUARY.  It’s supposed to snow.  The year I moved back north there was snow and the lake froze over and it was awesome.  This year January has been 50 degrees and I’m not enjoying it nearly as much.  True… walkies have been nice with the warmer weather but I missed a whole freaking week of walkies, too, with the stupid class.

It was infusion week, so I’m feeling back to human again.

Today, cleaning is on the agenda… and some writing (I have a speech to prepare for in April and I need to put some work into it, I want to put some time into my book that is a work in progress on one of the pages here, and I’ve got some poems kicking around in the back of my head)… and some sitting and doing nothing.  That’s what I’m looking forward to the most… the doing nothing.


Love and Light



One response to “Finally The Weekend

  1. As a boy, my mom and dad often got a 1/2 cow and 1/2 pig alternating every three months. I can recall the hog side was about 1/3 and the cow side was 2/3 of the big freezer. Yes, it was less, but oh that bacon. I love that bacon.


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