I’m tired and I’m scared

I will, of course, start out by admitting I have a chronic “illness” and I rely on my doctors.  Big shock to  anyone who has ever read this blog, I know.  

I have been scared of a lot of things since (before) I got diagnosed.  

Never have I been scared that my doctor (who is licensed in the United States to practice medicine) might leave the country on vacation and not be allowed back in.


Until today

Today a Cleveland Clinic doctor who had gone on vacation back to her home country, Afghanistan.  She left before the “executive order” slamming the door on everyone, apparently.  

She came back home to Cleveland today.

She was detained for hours at the airport.

She was sent back to Afghanistan.

A doctor

Who was here legally

You know, one of those reactionary things that can’t happen.  Because, you know, this is the United States home of the free straight white Christian Eastern European males  and the brave enough to hide behind their blinders.

Tomorrow people will have appointments to see their doctor and she won’t be there.

And she was not an anomaly.

Children were detained.  Some sick children were detained.  




Loved ones

People said this wouldn’t happen.  This is America, not Nazi Germany.  

I’m terrified for people in my life, people who matter to me.  I’m afraid for the intern who worked with me for a year and the intern who works with me now.  I’m afraid for the professionals I work with.  I’m afraid for MY doctors.  I’m afraid for the patients who won’t have their doctor.  I’m scared for my country.

I’m scared I’m going going to wake up

I’m afraid I’m not going to wake up


6 responses to “I’m tired and I’m scared

  1. I’m afraid I won’t wake up. I hope someone wakes up from this nightmare soon. Four years is a long time

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  2. Norma Jo Peterson

    I wish your post could be shared on Facebook so it will get a wider reading! This needs to be shared!

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  3. This is truly awful. Someone who has dedicated their life to helping others. These are frightening times, indeed.

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  4. This is one terrifying situation. I have heard that the clinic is working hard at bringing back the 3 doctors that were detained. It’s really scary to be a chronically ill person in the United States right now – there is so much uncertainty. Hang in there!


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