Old Lady Singing Kid’s Songs…

SO, I realize that I listen to some unorthodox music.  This is particularly true if you consider my age and the age of my children.  I’m looking forward to the new Raffi CD coming out this month.  I love Disney music.  I enjoy so many songs that are targeted at the very much younger set.

I enjoy them because I really enjoy the lyrics.  I listen to the words.  I hear.

It struck me this morning as I was driving home from the gym (Really liking the Brunswick Planet Fitness… might have to change my home gym) listening to Kid’s Place Live on the radio that when I was raising my 25 and 22 that I played this music so they could listen and learn the words and sing and take the music to heart.

I figure a lot of parents have done that… do that… They want their children to grow up to find a better world… a world where you can marry who you love and not have to worry about what someone else might think… a world where good people are good to each other… where hate and prejudice are rare…

Children learn what they hear.

Children hear what we play.

Children hear what we say.

My daughter still gets a look of terror in her eyes when we hear someone at McDonald’s ask if someone wants a ‘girl toy’ or a ‘boy toy’ in their Happy Meal.  Her terror is justified.  She knows that there are no girl toys and there are no boy toys, there are just toys.  I know that it isn’t macho to have your two year old playing with dolls, it isn’t feminine to play with Tonka trucks or erector sets, it’s just not done…. blah blah blah… I learned very young that it is wicked cool awesome to bend Barbie (naked) at the waist and turn her into a fabulous pistol that has two barrels (one out each foot).  I was fortunate… I grew up with the hand-me-downs that came with the household.  I got pistols and trucks and Lincoln logs and crayons (pristine and unbroken of course).  I got spools from wire from goodness only knows where and I learned that crayons can be shot through the holes in the spools if you have a decent ruler to shoot them through with.  Toys are toys.

Toys are toys and people are people.

I wonder sometimes what the people who I know don’t know will think when they find out that their son is gay or their daughter is a lesbian or that one of them is bi or whatever.  They preach love and acceptance but it better freaking not be my kid.

Children learn what they hear.

Children hear what we play.

Children hear what we say.

This morning as I was finishing my drive back from the gym, the song at the bottom of the page was on the radio.  I listen to kid songs.  I like the words (for the most part… sometimes I get something like “Raining Tacos” stuck in my head and I can’t get the damn thing out) and I think more people might “get it” better if they could just hear what the words say.

Wishing I could change the world…  I wish I could have brought medical insurance to “Super Man” in South Africa… I wish I could have bottled the acceptance in Vietnam for same sex couples… I wish I could have folded the smiles of people all over the world into tiny packages that I could open and hold in my hands on days when everything looks disturbing and bleak.

The gym was wonderful.  The car ride home was contemplative.  And now with just a little coffee, I’m ready to take on the world.

Wishing we could change the world
One by one we’ll change the world!
Yes, you know you – you change the world
So what will you do – you change the world

Love and Light

Change the World 
© School Time Music LLC 2016 
Written by Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Brad Dollar 

Verse 1 
Wishing for the day where we don’t have to hide -- who we 
are, how we pray, how we love -- it’s all right 
Everyone gets the chance to speak their mind 
And people stand up - stand up for what’s right 

How about you- would you make that change? 
How about me - will i do the same? 

Verse 2 
Wishing for a time when the world’s safe for all 
And no matter who it is there’s help when we fall 
No one feels alone - love is the call 
And people feel safe without borders, or walls 
How about you - would you make that change? 
How about me - will I do the same? 

Wishing we could change the world 
One by one we’ll change the world! 
Yes, you know you - you change the world 
So what will you do - you change the world 

Wishing is hoping all our dreams come true 
When things are broken I wish they were new 
Wish I could fly, wish I could touch the sky 
Wish you could hear me wish 


I wish we could change it, change it 
What will you do? Yea, yea, yea yea 
Let’s change it, change it, change it 
One by one - we can change it! Yea, yea, yea yea 
Change it, change it, change it 
I believe I believe I believe we can change it 
Change it, change it, change it 
Together we change it! 
Together we change it.


from The Playground Zone (EP), released June 6, 2016 
Produced by Kevin McCann and Brad Dollar, Zoo Labs, Oakland, CA.
Featured Vocalists: Alphabet Rockers: Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Kid Vocalists: Kaia and Jahan Marbin, Tommy Shepherd III, Sajan Nagraj 
Written by: Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd 
Music production: Kevin McCann, Brad Dollar 
Mastered by: Colin Leonard, SING Mastering, Atlanta, GA. 
Cover Art: Ratha Nou 
Photography: Steve Jennings 
Art Design: Stefanie Chung

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