Prepping for Colonoscopy Day

So, I was supposed to have my baseline colonoscopy done at 50.  But when I was 50 things got in the way and there was never time.  I had it scheduled a few times that year but something always ‘came up’.  Last year, same deal.  Sometimes it was Cleveland Clinic that cancelled sometimes me.  Regardless, there was never time.

This year, I know I needed to make time even though there isn’t time.  Yay me.

Today I’m working from home so I can start my split prep for tomorrow’s procedure.

I’m drinking my clear liquids 8oz an hour all day.  I’m eating Popsicles.  I will try to gag down Jello but I’m so not into Jello.  Ever since I lived on nothing but clear liquid diet when I was in high school and had appendicitis (nope, a 4 inch diseased appendix means I wasn’t just attention seeking and being difficult).  Eating nothing but jello and Flavor aid for two weeks means I have to still force down Jello if it is just Jello after all of these years.

So… a day of black coffee and tea, banana Popcicles, and orange and green Jello then my evening of prepping for tomorrows adventure.


Am I a little concerned about what they might find?  Sure.  I know in my head that it is a baseline, but there is always a chance they will actually find something.

Am I not in a good place since I’m off my RA meds preparing for the procedure (just in case… don’t want an infection if something gets nicked)… oh I’m way not in a good place there.  Monday is my infusion so I’m not feeling fabulous anyway then to top it off not being able to take my once a day pills… my hands have been complaining for a few days now.  Nothing horrible, just nothing fabulous.  I’m SO looking forward to Monday.  I’m living on Tiger Balm right now.

Have a marvelous hump day peeps.
love and light


One response to “Prepping for Colonoscopy Day

  1. April, I am overdue. Obviously… LOL


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