I’ve SO got this!

Another Saturday morning.

I have a LOT of crocheting to do this weekend if I hope to have my vest done by next week.  I don’t think it will be but I am hoping.  I was making it for moral support for my upcoming presentation in Las Vegas (Oracle… Collaborate 17) but I presented my shpeel yesterday for the quarterly meeting of the Oracle Users Group and it didn’t suck!  This morning I’m feeling more like the new vest will be celebratory.  It also won’t be done… but I’ll get there eventually.

I hadn’t done a presentation in FOREVER.  The last one was for the release of my Disaster Recovery book and it went okay but wasn’t a hit.  Yesterday I had people laughing!  They were engaged.  It was great.  I think I should stick to things I really really believe in.

I’m still a little depressed that I probably won’t have 10 people at my Collaborate presentation because it is one of the last and it is by someone not very well known and it isn’t a techy talk.  But I do believe in it and I am talking about it.  Once upon a time I fancied myself an activist for RA and Epliepsy and I still am but I’ve never really known how to market myself.  I guess maybe now I’m learning.

And after my Cross Cultural Communication talk yesterday (and next week.. and May… and… anyone else want me to do my dog and pony show?) and talking to some of the attendees, I think this may be a good thing.

I can do this.

I’ve taken most of the advice to heart already, made some changes to my presentation, beefed up my linkedin to addin the books that I wrote.  And advice there has me thinking about a website/blog site that might be profitable for me.  Maybe in a couple months I will have rounded up enough disposable income to make that a reality.

Never underestimate the power of yourself to do whatever you want to do if you REALLY want to do it.


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