Hunting for some extra spoons…

DSC07556.JPGSo… It’s Sunday morning (I think… sometimes it is good that your computer remembers what day it is even when you don’t) and I’m not quite adjusted to the time difference yet.  I’m in Las Vegas at Collaborate 17 (think 4200 geeks speaking, learning and in general being geeks all in one place).  I present (Cross Cultural Communication) on Thursday morning (last day of the conference).

My body thinks it is 7:30 am.  My clock says it is 4:40 am.  Breakfast (and check in for the conference) is in 2 1/2 hours.

Yesterday was long… really really long.  Flight left Cleveland at 11:20 so I was at the airport at 9:00.  Landed at 12:30 (Vegas time which was 3:30 to my stomach) and I was starving. Lining up transportation to the hotel from the airport was kind of an adventure in itself.  Got to eat at about 4:00 Las Vegas time (the Fritos from the airplane were a fond and distant memory).  Brunch was good if a little pricey.

Checked into my hotel (which screwed up my reservation pretty badly and the “new guy”… his excuse… he was the manager who had never really done many check ins gave me a room in the other hotel but… yeah… sent me to the elevators in THIS hotel).  Hiked to the Walgreens to get pop and water.  By the time I got back to the room I was hot, physically exhausted and in desperate need of the water I was carrying.

The press of the city, the change in temperature from CLE to LV, the carrying of 30 pounds far longer than my body was happy with meant a long night that I really didn’t sleep well and weird dreams.

Not sure why I’ve been having really weird dreams lately.

This morning I’m in need of food (in… 2 1/2 hours) coffee that isn’t instant (foresight this year to bring my own instant coffee) and some extra spoons. I trust that I will catch up with myself about the time it is time to fly back home.

This morning I feel better, but very lonely.

I know I will stay busy for the most part, but I still am feeling very far away and disconnected from my reality…


Love and Light


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